The History of Club Penguin

Some of you may have heard of (website is closed down now 😦  UPDATE: WEBSITE RUNNING NOW)Yes RocketSnail is Rsnail. I think Rsnail made Experimental Penguins (closed down to make Penguin Chat 3)

Penguin Chat 3 was made after Experimental Penguins and before Club Penguin. In Penguin Chat 3 there was colors, ninjas, and workers! I have a video of Penguin Chat 3 and some pictures!

The music in the video are 1 one the songs in Penguin Chat 3 called “Delayed”. Oh, I think the mods were snails in Penguin Chat 3. Here is a picture of the Penguin Chat 3 logo.

Now is not the real Penguin Chat 3 but I think Rsnail made it though because if you go to it then look at the bottom left Experimental Penguins and RocketSnail games.

Now for a tour of Penguin Chat 3!

Oldtown.jpgThis was the Town

Olddancefloor.jpgThis was the Night Club

Oldcoffeeshop.jpgThis was the Coffee Shop

Oldboilerroom.jpgThis was the Boiler Room

Wheresnowfortsis.jpgThis was the Snow Fort room

This is why I think the snails were mods! Look at the chat bar, pretty different!

To be a Ninja in Penguin Chat 3 you had to go to the color changing place (1st image) and click on the n in penguin. To be a worker you had to click on the hook hanging from the crane. To drive the Snowcats you had to click on the pole. Although Chinzstrap never got to get on Penguin Chat 3 I, Cool Boy 714, did get to go on Penguin Chat 3. I did A LOT of research on this as you can see!

Credit To Wikipedia For Some Of The Images!

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  1. lonely!! lol

  2. Wow!

  3. weird but funny in a weird way!!!<3 =]

  4. name not rlly elay short for elana but i like the name elay so dont judge k
    im good now but i love cp hahahaahha =] 🙂 <3333

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