New Club Penguin Igloo Pin Location

Hello everyone! 😀

Today, after the long delay of Club Penguin’s update time, they released a new pin. The new pin is the Club Penguin Igloo pin. It can be found Underground.

That’s the only update for now, but if Club Penguin decides to update again, I shall post again. 🙂

~Cool Boy 714

Club Penguin Carabiner Pin Location

Hello everyone!

Club Penguin recently released the new pin called the Carabiner pin. You can pick this Club Penguin pin up at the Lighthouse.

That’s all for this post! I’m about to post the Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Cheats, so be on the lookout for a new post. 🙂

~Cool Boy 714

Club Penguin New Pin: Tambourine Pin

Hey everyone! I’m VERY sorry that this post is a little late. I was busy with a couple of things earlier. Anyways, the newest Club Penguin pin is the Tambourine pin. It can be found at the Lodge Attic.

More posts are coming soon!

Cool Boy 714