New Club Penguin Jet Pack Adventure Interface

Today, Club Penguin has updated the Jet Pack Adventure interface as well as the Cacthin’ Waves interface. Those are the only two I know of as of right now. But, as soon as I learn about any other updates, I will be here to post all of the Club Penguin updates! Anyway, here is what the new interface looks like for the Jet Pack Adventure game:

(Click the picture above to see the high quality picture!)

The design is awesome! I don’t think that the interface for this game can get any better! 😀

~Cool Boy 714

New Club Penguin Catchin' Waves Interface

Have you seen the new Catchin’ Waves interface? Well, I have! Anyway, you can check out the new interface at the Club Penguin Cove. Just walk up to the shack there and then it will ask you if you want to play the Catchin’ Waves game. Click yes.

Once you click yes, you will be taken to the new Cacthin’ Waves interface, which looks like this:

(Click the picture above for a better view of the new Catchin’ Waves Interface!)

I think this interface is way better than the old one! What do you think? 😀

~Cool Boy 714

Club Penguin Coins Update

Hey everyone. This post is for me to tell you about the new coins system. I was playing Cathcin’ Waves a few minutes ago and earned a few coins. But, I noticed that the message was different this time. This is what it looked like:

It tells you how many coins you earned, and how many stamps you have earned for that game. I think this is a pretty cool update. 😀

~Cool Boy 714

Club Penguin Stamps Arrive + Club Penguin Stamps Guide

Hey everyone! I just wanted to inform you that the Club Penguin Stamps have arrived, as you may have already noticed. Anyway, I am here to tell you all about the new Stamps in Club Penguin, so let’s get started, shall we?

To view your stamps, click on your playercard, and simply click on the stamps button.

To view someone else’s stamps, simply click their penguin and click on the stamp button which is located on their playercard.

By default, this is what your stamp book looks like without editing:

Although if you want to edit your stamp book, click on the stamp button on your playercard and then look at the bottom right corner and click on the pencil.

Once you click on the pencil, you will be taken to the editing place. There, you can edit your stamp book’s appearance. – Also, when you get done editing your stamp book, be sure to click the save button in the bottom right corner of the screen when your done editing your stamp book!

One example of a stamp you can earn is for the Catchin’ Waves game on CLub Penguin. Here is what the stamp’s goal is:

First Trick

Master your first trick on the board.

Simple enough, right?

Here is what it looks like when you earn a stamp:

Also, to view a stamp’s goal, just open your stamp book and click on a category, then find a stamp you wish to earn, scroll over it and then the stamp’s achivement should popup like shown in the picture below.

Well, that’s all the updates for now! I have to go get started on another post and then start earning my stamps! Remember, there a lot of stamps! That means a lot to do! 😀

~Cool Boy 714

Happy77 Asks About Stamps!

“Greetings Penguins!

There’s been TONS of talk about Stamps! As you probably know, your Stamp Books will arrive on July 26 and you’ll be able to start earning stamps and showing them off, too.

Stampbook-blog.jpgI wanted to know more, so I asked a Stamps expert:

Q: How will I find my Stamp Book?
A: Just click on your player card. When you do, inside the book there are places for a whole bunch of stamps – and descriptions of how you can earn them.

Q: How do I earn Stamps?
A: Lots of different ways! There are easy stamps and extreme stamps, stamps you have to earn with buddies, and ones that you’ll earn by showing off your skills in games. For example, to earn this stamp, 103.jpeg.jpgyou’ll have to jackhammer at the ‘berg with 10 penguins.

Q: Can I still get pins?
A: Yep, you sure can! Pins aren’t going to change. And the best part is you can show off your ENTIRE pin collection inside your Stamp Book.

I would love to see a Stamp for making lots of candy pizzas. What would YOUR ultimate Stamp be?”

All of that above was a transcript of what Happy77 has said on the Club Penguin What’s New Blog. It is confirmed that the sneak peek from a while back were stamps. Well, I have to go work on something. SOrry this is a short post.

~Cool Boy 714

Club Penguin Field Op #6 Cheats

Club Penguin released the Field Ops number 6 about an hour ago. Sorry I didn’t update the site that fast I was busy with something else. Anyways, let’s get started!

To complete the EPF Field Ops #6, go to the EPF Headquarters and walk up to the board.

You should then receive your mission.

Once you receive you mission, accept it and go to the Recycle Room by going to the Mine.

Then walk into the door to the left.

Finally, walk up to the computer on the table.

You should then see your EPF Spy Phone starting to ring or vibrate or something. Click it.

Your EPF Spy Phone should open up the instructions to the game. Click Engage and beat the mission.

That’s all for this guide, so I better get going!

Cool Boy 714