Club Penguin Field Op #6 Cheats

Club Penguin released the Field Ops number 6 about an hour ago. Sorry I didn’t update the site that fast I was busy with something else. Anyways, let’s get started!

To complete the EPF Field Ops #6, go to the EPF Headquarters and walk up to the board.

You should then receive your mission.

Once you receive you mission, accept it and go to the Recycle Room by going to the Mine.

Then walk into the door to the left.

Finally, walk up to the computer on the table.

You should then see your EPF Spy Phone starting to ring or vibrate or something. Click it.

Your EPF Spy Phone should open up the instructions to the game. Click Engage and beat the mission.

That’s all for this guide, so I better get going!

Cool Boy 714