Eatser Egg Hunt and New Pin

The places in the pictures that are squared are where you need to click to see the egg. The places in the pictures that are circled are the eggs.

The first egg is in the Town, above the Night Club. Click on the light to get it.


The second egg is at the Cove. It is in the water.


The third egg is at the Mine. Click on the Cart Surfer game to get it.


The fourth egg is at the Dojo Courtyard. Click on the lantern to get it.


The fith egg is at the Gift Shop. Click on the hat to get it.


The sixth egg is at the Ski Lodge. Click on the Ice Fishing game to get it.


The seventh egg is at the Mountain. Click on top of the pole to get it.


The eighth egg is at the Beacon. Click the lightswith to get it.


Now you have all the eggs! Your prize are the Pink Bunny Ears!


The new pin is at the Forest. It is a Chocolate Bunny pin!


Penguin Play Awards Tracker Update: My Trackers do not work anymore because the Penguin Play Awards are over. They are now, just repeating the last thing they said.