Club Penguin Field Ops 12 Cheats

Hey everyone! 🙂

I’m sorry this guide is a little late! As I explained before, school has already started for me which will probably delay my posting time a little bit. Anyway, let’s get started with this week’s Field Ops guide, shall we?

To begin with, log into Club Penguin and click on your EPF Spy Phone, which should be blinking with a Red Light. After you click it, a message should come up saying something about the new Field Ops. Just click on the Go There button.

After you click the Go There button, you will be taken to the EPF Headquaters. From there, walk on over to the EPF board to your right.

After you walk to the EPF board, another message should coem up telling about the new Field Ops as well. Click on the Accept Field-Op button at this screen to continue.

After you read that message and click the Accept Field-Op button, open up your map and go to the Snow Forts. Once you get there, go to the Clock Tower, around the area shown below.

When you get is the correct area your EPF Spy Phone should start to blink with a green light. Click on your phone, then you should start your mission. 🙂

I hope this guide helped you with this week’s Field Op! 😀

~Cool Boy 714