Information About Moderators And What They Can Do

Information About Moderators:

The people who made Club Penguin are moderators. Billybob, Gizmo, Screenhog, and Happy77 are all moderators. However, some points in time, Club Penguin will have a job opening for an in-game moderator, but you have to live in or near Kelowania B.C., Canada. Moderators have the ability to Ban Penguins, Kick Penguin From Server, Send Postcard, and Add Buddy. Also, Billybob, Gizmo, and Rsnail are all betas.

Knowing If Someone Is A Moderator:

You will know if someone is a moderator, or ‘mod’ if their playercard has a gold “M” badge in the top-left corner. Below are the creators of Club Penguin.


Happy77 is not in that picture because he joined after this picture was taken. The picture was taken off the Club Penguin Blog.

What Happens If A Moderator Gets Banned:

Moderators can’t get banned!

I Saw Billybob A Few Days Ago And He Didn’t Have The M Badge On:

That is most likely because he either, took it off his playercard (like a pin) or they stopped using them. I don’t know for sure if they stopped or not.

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