How To Become A Ninja In Club Penguin

Well, to become a Ninja in Club Penguin, you need to head on over to the Dojo Courtyard by using your map.

Once your at the Dojo Courtyard, walk into the Dojo.

When you are in the Dojo, you will have a couple of things to check out before you start receiving your belts. These include the instructions for Card-Jitsu, what belt colors there are and more.

If you don’t already have some cards to play with, go talk to the Sensei. He will be sure to give you some cards to start out with if you don’t have any.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the Card-Jitsu Instructions:

If you can’t see the picture above, here is a text format of the Card-Jitsu Instructions:

Earn Your Belts:

Talk to the Sensei and pick the ‘Earn Your Belts’ mode to earn your belts faster. He will choose an opponent for you.

Challenge Sensei:

Once you have earner a block belt, challenge the Sensei! If you win, he will make you a ninja!

Practice Mode:

To challenge a buddy, go to the same blue mat!

Also, just in case you don’t know how to look at the Card-Jitsu Instructions or the Belt Legend, here is a picture of the posters on the wall:

Now, let’s take a look at all the belts you have to earn to become a Ninja:

That’s a lot of belts! You will have to get all of them to become a Ninja though. But, we have some Card-Jitsu tips and tricks to help you win more times at Card-Jitsu.

Anyway, let’s get started with the Card-Jitsu tutorial now, shall we?

To play Card-Jitsu and earn your belts, talk to the Sensei and select the ‘Earn Your Belts’ option from the list.

Once Sensei has chosen your opponent for you, the game will begin and you and your opponent will both have 20 seconds to pick a card.

Remember this when choosing a card:

  • Fire beats Snow
  • Water beats Fire
  • Snow beats Water

That will always be the same unless there is some sort of tie. In the event that a player picks the same element as their opponent, the one with the highest number will win that turn.

But, if it is a tie because they have the same element and the same number, then no one wins that round.

Also, when looking at your cards when playing a game of Card-Jitsu, if you see a card with a moving background that doesn’t look the same as the other cards, it is a power card.

Power cards have special abilities. One example of a power card’s ability could be this:

When this card is scored, discard one of your opponents yellow cards.

Now, onto the scoring and winning system:

To score a point in Card-Jitsu your card has to be the stronger card by element, or by number if the element is the same as your opponent’s element.

Your scored cards are kept on your side of the screen. Your opponent’s scored cards are kept on the opposite side of the screen.

To win the game Card-Jitsu, just score three different colored cards on one element, or score three different colored cards for each element.

Example of not winning:

Example of a person who won because they had a different color of each element:

Now, here are some cool tips you might want to use in the game to win more often:

I suggest using the snow element first when playing Card-Jitsu. Most people usually choose the element water for some reason when they start off the game. Using the snow element first might get you a head start in the game. 😉

If you forget any of the Card-Jitsu Instructions, just move your mouse over the question mark in the game to pull up these quick instructions:

Now, I’ll go on to challenging Sensei.

Once you have finally earned your black belt in Card-Jitsu, talk to Sensei again, but this time, choose the ‘Challenge Sensei’ option.

Play Card-Jitsu with Sensei for about 5 – 10 times. He will win most of them but eventually, you will win against him and become a ninja in Club Penguin.

Being a ninja in Club Penguin comes with a couple of extra features like…

  • You get access to the exclusive ninja’s only room. – This room can be located by going to the Dojo Courtyard and clicking on the stone to the left.

  • If your a member, you can play Card-Jitsu Fire. I have a complete guide, which will be coming soon for this game.
  • If your a member, you can buy the Ninja Suit item from the Martial Artworks catalog in the Flying Flippers Emporium. – When you dance with this suit on, you can turn invisible!

There are more features when being a member and a ninja as well though.

Also, if you just want to have a fun time with your friends playing Card-Jitsu and your already a ninja, then go to one of the blue mats in the Dojo. 😉

Also, if you forget any instructions, just check back here at Club Penguin Rally, or you can look at the instructions poster on the wall, or talk to Sensei and click the ‘Instructions’ button.

I know I have said that word also so many times, but I only need to say it one more time, so also, did you know that Club Penguin sells real Card-Jitsu trading cards at Walmart, Toys R’ Us, and some other stores? If you buy a pack, it comes with a code you can use online to redeem more Card-Jitsu cards! Your online code may even get you some better cards than the normal ones. You might get a power card as well.

Now that we’re back on the topic of the cards, you can always check to see how many Card-Jitsu cards you have on Club Penguin by just clicking the little cards icon in the bottom left of the screen.

Then, just click on the ‘View Your Cards’ button.

Well everyone, that is how you become a ninja in Club Penguin. This guide also explained how to play Card-Jitsu. 😀 I hope this guide has helped all of you.

Cool Boy 714

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  1. HEY theres my card!!! O M G

  2. I got 120 cards!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. i got 20 or 30 cards and i am not a member

  4. OMG this cool I got 24 cards! lol. by the way it CADENCE NOT CANDECE OR CANDENCE!!!!!!! grr


  6. He nice writing!
    Im already a ninja before i didnt even read this!!!
    I could get a picture of my penguin if you go to my website called and look in the posts then youll see some picturesof my penguin cards.

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