How To Become A Fire Ninja In Club Penguin

The page title says what this page is all about. So, I am just going to jump right into the guide!

Well, to become a Fire Ninja in Club Penguin, you have to be a black belt Ninja in Club Penguin. Once you have accomplished this, just walk into the secret ninja Dojo. Often called the Flying Flippers Emporium. Walk there by walking on top of the stone to the left of the Dojo Courtyard. It will move the stone away and reveal a door when you hover over the stone.

Once your there, you are able to do many things such as look through the Ninja Catalog, practice Card-Jitsu, and go into the Volcano room.

To get to the Volcano room, just click on the fire stone as shown in the picture below and it should reveal a door to the Volcano.

Fire Stone:


Once your at the Volcano room, you will be able to do many things here such as practice Card-Jitsu Fire, challenge the Sensei, and earn your Fire Suit.

Speaking about Card-Jitsu Fire, I am now going to tell you how to play the game and give you a couple of tips about the game.

Well, to play the game, you have to go to the Volcano room in Club Penguin and when you get there, you may want to practice Card-Jitsu Fire a few times before earning your suit. Well, to practice Card-Jitsu Fire, just walk up to any one of the mats in the Volcano.

There are 4 mats in that room. They are the mats for the 2 player game, 3 player game, and the 4 player game. Up to 4 people can play Card-Jitsu Fire at one time.

Bewlow is what all the mats look like.

2 player Card-Jitsu Fire mat:

3 player Card-Jitsu Fire mat:

4 player Card-Jitsu Fire mat:

Now, onto how to play the game. It is easier for me to explain it when I am talking about the ‘Earn your Fire Suit’ option, so that is what I am going to do.

Well, start off by walking up to Sensei.

Once you get up there, talk to him and I think you will receive a Card-Jitsu Fire booster deck or something like that. Anyways, click on the ‘Earn your Fire Suit’ option.

When you click this option, you will now see something that comes up which will show you who all you are playing the game with. It should look like this:

After the timer in the middle of the picture above counts down to zero, the game will start. Once the game starts, the first player will take their turn by clicking on a stone in the middle of the lava.

They have to make their choice in a time of 20 seconds or less because of the timer which can be located on each user’s place on the screen.

(Energy will be explained later!)

Now, once the player has choosen their stone, the stone will flip over and it will have a number on it. The number on the stone determines how many places you will get to move to either the left, or the right of the game.

When you land on a space, it will have an element on it. The element will be water, fire, or snow. When a user lands on one of the element spaces, you will have to look to the right and choose your highest power card from that element.

For example, pretend I was playing Card-Jitsu Fire and my opponent landed on a water space. We would both have to choose a water card from our cards. The one who chooses the highest water card will win that battle, then the next user will take their turn.

But, if the users have a tie/draw, no one looses their energy.

Well, now that I am on the topic of energy, I will go ahead and explain that now.

Energy is kind of like points. Everytime you loose a battle, you will loose one energy while the winner keeps their energy.

Everytime you win a battle, you will keep your energy while the other users loose 1 energy point.

Also, if you land on a space, or if someone else lands on a space in which you don’t have that element of a card, you will have to choose a card anyway and when you choose that card, you will loose 1 energy point, and the card will be discarded.

Now, if a user lands on the space with 2 cards on it, that means that user will select another player and they will have a regular Card-Jitsu battle in which you can choose any card you want.

If a user lands on a space with all 3 elements on it, that user will get to select which element they want to have a Card-Jitsu Fire battle with. For example, if they choose the water element, it will be the same thing as someone landing on a water space.

Well, that’s basically all you need to know for Card-Jitsu Fire. Now, I am going to talk about challenging the Sensei.

To challenge the Sensei, you have to be a full Fire Ninja in Club Penguin. Do this by playing Card-Jitsu Fire a lot.

To check to see if you are a full Fire Ninja, go to the Volcano and look at the bottom right of the screen and click on the cards.

You should see this if you are a full Fire Ninja:

Or, it should be something like that. Anyway, once you have your Fire Helmet, you can challenge Sensei in Card-Jitsu Fire. If you challenge him before then, you will loose and Sensei will win.

Anyways, to challenge Sensei, just walk up to him and click the Challenge Sensei button. The Card-Jitsu Fire game will be the exact same with him as it would be to any other user(s).

Once you have beat Sensei at Card-Jitsu Fire, you will earn a fire gem for your amulet which can be viewed by clicking the cards at the bottom right corner of the screen, or by waddling on over to the Flying Flippers Emporium and just looking at the floor.



Well that’s basically all you need to know! 😀 Also, one last thing before I end this post, if you ever forget any of the rules, just go talk to Sensei at the Volcano and click on his Fire Suit, which that should give you a little bit of information.

Or, you can go to the Volcano and click on the poster that says ‘Instructions’, or just look below.

Okay, that’s all for this page! 😉

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  1. 1st! 😀 Great Guide!

  2. Awesome guide, Cool Boy!

  3. #3 😀 !!!!

  4. super gide(or however u spell it)you really helped me:)and:( . im happy cos my bros a fire ninja but im sad that im not

  5. 1. Get your full fire suit even the helmet.
    2. beat sensie.
    3. Get gem.


  7. im up to the helmet just about to challenge sensei

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