Orange Sky & Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt Cheats! + Some Other News

This post has to be really quick because it is 10:08 pm my time and I have school tomorrow!

So I will start off this post by saying, “THE SKY IS ORANGE, THE SKY IS ORANGE!!!”


After that little joke, I will now give you the answers to Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt so you can get the new pin!

How To Start The Hunt:

1.) Just click in the top-right corner, on the fire.

how_scav hunt

1.) The Ski Lodge.


2.) The Book Room.


3.) The Pet Shop.


4.) The Underground Mine.


5.) The Pizza Parlor.


6.) The Cove.


7.) The Beacon.


8.) The Dojo Courtyard.


The Ninja Hideout has been getting upgraded.

Ninja Hideout Construction_1

Club Penguin was down for like an hour before this post! It wouldn’t load for anybody, but you could’ve gotten to Club Penguin by

Also, I am now starting to post on This site will soon automattically redirect to the new site! It is self-hosted! During this switch, we may go down a couple of times due to a couple of testing problems. 😦 But, when I realize that the site is down, I will do my best to get it back online as fast as I possibly can!