The New Pin, Costume Catalog Secret, and New Penguin Tales Edition! ***UPDATE: Ninja Puffles Coming Soon?***

Hi guys! I’m back to instead of! Also, the site is now back up as you can clearly see! Anyway, I’m going to start this post off by telling everyone the Stage catalog cheat. Yup, only 1 cheat again!

Grass Skirt – Page 2


 Grass Skirt

Now it’s time to announce the Penguin Tales writing contest winners!


I would like to congratulate


For their awesome stories they wrote! Here are the titles of the stories they wrote:


Now for the newest pin for participating in the 101 Days Of Fun! The 101 Days Of Fun pin! It is in the Pizza Parlor.

 101 Days Of Fun Pin

Also, someone named Wiiware360 banned me on Club Penguin for 24 hours! I changed my password so that shouldn’t happen again. Also, he said he had a trainer to ban penguins for as long as he wants. 😦 Everyone please tell Club Penguin to ban Wiiware360! Below, is a picture to prove it.


By the way, did anyone notice any Black (possibly ninja) puffles any where? I sure did! The puffles are loose! They are at the Dojo Ninja Hideout, Dojo Courtyard, Forest, and the Ski Village! I have a video showing you what they can do. I also have pictures for some who don’t have flash or can’t watch YouTube.

Step 1.) Go to any of the places above.


Step 2.) Place any Ninja item you have. I recommend the Ninja Mask.


Step 3.) Watch the Black Puffle.

You should see the Black Puffle has caught on fire while you are close to him and you have the Ninja item of your choice on.

Do you think Sensei has something to do witht his? Will this be part of a Card-Jitsu game upgrade? (Puffles playing in Card-Jitsu with you)

Vote on the poll on the left-sidebar for what you think will happen in the next step of POSSIBLY Ninja Puffles!


Club Penguin has added the Purple Striped Hat to the non-members prize booth!

Stripey Hat (I think the name of the item is the Stipey Hat.)

They have added a new furniture item and a Mustache to the members prize-booth. I don’t have a picture because I’m no longer a member on Club Penguin. 😦

Series 4 Coin Code Contest! Round 1 – Only Round! (CONTEST OVER!!!)

Hey all you penguins! We are starting a Series 4 Coin Code Contest today! To win round 1, all you have to do is comment 50 times! Only comments on this post will count!


  • No Swearing
  • No Advertising
  • No Spamming

You are allowed to comment numbers! (Example: 1, 2, 3, etc.)

So, with saying all that, start commenting to try to win the Series 4 Coin Code!

Instead of having like 3 rounds, I decided to change the rules to the following.

The winners of this round will be picked randomly out of a hat or I will make something in Flash that will randomly choose the winner!

People Able To Win So Far:

Masterpengi A.K.A Snuffytoon






How To Unlock The Series 4 Treasure Book:

DJ3K Upgrades Coming Soon!

On Friday there will be new music in your igloo and also a DJ3K upgrade! I don’t usually play this game that much but I think I will try it out on Friday. Here is the sneek peek from the Club Penguin Blog:

DJ3K Upgrade Sneek Peek

It says on the Club Penguin Blog that members will be able to buy exclusive music tracks from a special catalog and use them in the game.

It also talks about the yellow puffles being enthusiastic about this upgrade. I think they are going to be able to help you get more coins in the game.

Eatser Egg Hunt and New Pin

The places in the pictures that are squared are where you need to click to see the egg. The places in the pictures that are circled are the eggs.

The first egg is in the Town, above the Night Club. Click on the light to get it.


The second egg is at the Cove. It is in the water.


The third egg is at the Mine. Click on the Cart Surfer game to get it.


The fourth egg is at the Dojo Courtyard. Click on the lantern to get it.


The fith egg is at the Gift Shop. Click on the hat to get it.


The sixth egg is at the Ski Lodge. Click on the Ice Fishing game to get it.


The seventh egg is at the Mountain. Click on top of the pole to get it.


The eighth egg is at the Beacon. Click the lightswith to get it.


Now you have all the eggs! Your prize are the Pink Bunny Ears!


The new pin is at the Forest. It is a Chocolate Bunny pin!


Penguin Play Awards Tracker Update: My Trackers do not work anymore because the Penguin Play Awards are over. They are now, just repeating the last thing they said.

April Fool’s Party and Cheats!

The April Fool’s party has started today. 🙂 There is only one free item though. 😦 But I think this party is the best April Fool’s party ever!

The free item is a Blue Propeller Cap. It is located at the Mine.


There is an awesome, but weird room for members. It is the Box Store. You can find the Box Store at the Snow Forts.





But anyway, when you buy the Portal Box and put it in your igloo. Walk on top of it and you can go to this room:


You can also walk on the Dojo Courtyard and inside the Dojo walls!