Music Jam ’09 Free Item and Other Member Items!

The Music Jam started today! During this party, you will be able to find the Penguin Band and Cadence! You can find Cadence at the Rooftop if you are a member and have the All-Access Pass. You can find the Penguin Band Backstage (at the Dock) if you have an All-Access Pass, and if your a member.

You can get the All-Access Pass at the Snow Forts.



Now for the free item. It is the Green Headphones! It is at the Cove.

Green Headphones

The new pin is out to! Is is the Umbrella Pin. It is at the Boiler Room.

Umbrella Pin

Also, there is a free item for members! It is the Boombox! (old item returned) It is at the Rooftop which is above the Night Club.


There is a cheat in the Music catalog (which is Backstage).

Music catalog cheat

There is another cheat too! If you click the “o” in the word “Catalog” you will find the Black Guitar!

Ruby and the Ruby Cheats and Music Jam is Setting Up!

First, here are the catalog cheats for Ruby and the Ruby:

Dark Detective’s Coat – Page 4

Dark Detective's Coat

Noir Background – Back Cover


Here is the cheat to get the Ruby pin:

The picture tells you what you have to click. It has to be in that order or it will not work.


And here is what part of the Dock looks like:


It is setting up for the Music Jam! Some more rooms are also setting up like the Beach, Iceberg, and there are some others.

Music Jam Sneek Peak!

The Music Jam ’09 will be July 17 – July 26! Here is the sneek peek off the Club Penguin Blog:


Members will get to buy an All-Access Pass, some famous penguins will be there like the Penguin Band members and Dj Cadence! This year I will have to find the Penguin Band! On the blog it said that there will be lots of stages during the party! Last year, there was even a stage at the Iceberg!