Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party! ***THIS IS A STICKY, SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES***

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Club Penguin Rally Back To School Party Banner

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Date: (Saturday) August 15th, 2009

Room: The Dock

Time: 5:00 pm (CP Time)

Server: Snowy River

Possible Special Guests: Big Dane, Coco (can’t come), Penguitt, Kingpin2 (can’t come), Yoda Ads, Brayan21 (coming for sure!), Jmann93, Ray Toolbear (not sure if he can come yet!), Kiosk99 (can’t come), Chrisdog93, Tykerq (not sure – maybe), Akon Homiecp, RedChile (coming for sure!), Niceplayer, Purplegummy (coming for sure!), Lux1200, Bike Boy93, Cool Boy 714, and Chinzstrap (coming for sure!).

We hope to see you at the party!

Festival Of Flight, Underwater Adventure, and AQUA WINS!!!

Okay first, Gary has a weird but cool idea! He wants to make Club Penguin a flying island! He wants to do that so it will stop flooding the Underground Pool. The Festival of Flight is a party (I think). It will happen on August 14 – August 18.



Now the Underwater Adventure is a party. Club Penguin had it last year too! It was fun! You could walk on the inside of the Night Club walls. Oh and I think the free item was the Yellow Snorkel!

***UPDATE*** Credit to: Brony488

The Underwater Adventure is a play! 😦 I was hoping for another party!


Also I noticed that the icon for the hidden pin is the newspaper changed! It used to show an outline of the pin.


Last but not least, AQUA WON!!! The new penguin color will be in the Penguin Style Catalog August 7th!