Medival Party Cheats

The Medival Party has started today! There are a couple of cool things in it, a free item, a new pin, a new play (I have catalog cheats for it), and a Member’s Quest!

The free item is a Wizard Hat. It is in the Lighthouse.

 wizard hat

Now, the pin. The pin is a King’s Crown. It is at the Boiler Room. Click the Pin Maker 3000 to get it.

pin maker 3000 

kings crown pin

Here are the catalog cheats for the new play:

 Red Viking Helmet – Page 2



Blue Viking Helmet – To get this, open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.


Gold Viking Helmet – To get this, you have to click the big Viking Helmet on the other page, while the Blue Viking Helmet is up.



Finally, here is my Member’s Quest Video Tutorial: