Club Penguin Band Tracker and Club Penguin Cadence Tracker


Hey everyone. This post is just to help you find Cadence and the Club Penguin Band on Club Penguin. They are waddling around on Club Penguin now! 😀

Anyway, here are some tips on how to find Cadence on Club Penguin:

  • Look for her on popular servers
  • She can usually be found at the Night Club Roof
  • She is almost always going to be surrounded by a huge crowd of penguins
  • Use the tracker below to help find her location

Status: Tracker Offline

Server: Tracker Offline

Room: Tracker Offline

Now, here are some tips to help you find the Penguin Band:

  • Usually can be found on popular servers
  • Almost always surrounded by a group of penguins
  • They can usually be found Backstage
  • Use the tracker below to help find the Club Penguin Band location

Status: Online

Server: All Servers

Room: Iceberg

If any of these status say “Tracking…” it means that the tracker is offline at the moment and should be back up soon. But, you can always check my Twitter for the latest update on the status of the trackers  by Clicking Here.

Also, if you want to get a group of your friends to track with you, you can use this chat if you want to:

Well, I hope these trackers helped you find Cadence and the Club Penguin Band!

Cool Boy 714