Card-Jitsu Code Contest! ***NOW OVER-Round 2 Starts This Saturday! (8/1/09)***

Okay this is a quick contest to win a Card-Jitsu Code! Okay there will be 2 rounds. On the first round, you will have to guess what room the picture is from. The first 3 people will advance to the 2 round. On the second round, only 1 person will win, they will get the Card-Jitsu Card Code. Anyway, here is the picture for round 1:


Good luck! Oh and you have to comment your answer on this post only!

Correct so far:




I will notify the 3 winners when round 2 starts!

Sensei Arrival, New Pin, and Clothing Catalog Cheats [Update: I Found Sensei!]

Sensei arrived today. My tracker has started. Oh and if you meet Sensei be sure to get his signed background! I have seen a couple people with it and it is awesome! I still haven’t found him yet though. 😦 But I know that I will find him at least once! 🙂

The new pin is the Dojo Lantern Pin. It is at the Cave/Pool.

 Dojo Lantern Pin

Anyway, here are the Penguin Style catalog cheats:

Red Viking Helmet – Page 4

 Red Viking Helmet_2

Blue Viking Helmet – Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to get this item.

 Blue Viking Helmet _2

Canteen – Page 5 [Get the Canteen by clicking on the shell]


Crystal Staff – Page 7

 Crystal Staff_2

Woodsmans Hat – Page 8

 Woodsmans Hat _2

Blue Dragon Costume – Page 9

 Blue Dragon Costume_2

Black Graduation Cap – Page 10

Black Graduation Cap_2

UPDATE: I just found Sensei he was on server: Flippers at the Ninja Hideout! Here is a picture of his player card:


Everyone should remember the postcard that he sent us a few days ago. The one about him coming and teaching us a new move. To do the new move, you have to get the Cloud Wave Bracers then put the Ninja Suit, Ninja Mask, and the Cloud Wave Bracers on and then wave! That is the new move.

Sensei’s Postcard and Sensei Tracker

Ok here is Sensei’s postcard that he sent to everyone:


It says he will be teaching Ninjas a new move! I think the new move will be walking on walls! What do you think the new move will be? Comment and tell us!

Here is the Sensei Tracker:


As most of you already know, Sensei will be waddling around only in the Ninja Hideout.

How To Become A Ninja:

To gain access to the Ninja Hideout, you must first become a Ninja. To become a Ninja play Card-Jitsu in the Dojo. To become a Ninja and earn your belts. The fastest way to do that is to talk to Sensei and select “Earn Your Belts” or “Competition Mode”. After you get the Black Belt, talk to Sensei again and you will have to click “Challenge Sensei”. After you have beaten Sensei you will earn your Ninja Mask and gain access to the Ninja Hideout.

Catalog Cheats for June ’09

Ok here here the catalog cheats:

Canteen – Page 3


Crystal Staff – Page 5

crystal staff

Woodsmans Hat – Page 5

woodsmans hat

Blue Dragon Costume – Page 6

blue dragon costume

Black Graduation Cap – Page 7

black graduation cap

Red Viking Helmet – Page 10

red viking helmet

Blue Viking Helmet – To get this item, open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.

blue viking helmet

Card-Jitsu Upgrade

They have just upgraded the Card-Jitsu game! Here are some pictures showing the upgrades:

card-jitsu game upgrade

viewing card-jitsu game upgrade