EPF Command Room Updates

Hello everyone!

As it says in the title of this post, the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Command Room has been updated. The update to this room was that the screen in the room changes when there are a lot of penguins in the room sitting down. Here is a picture I took:

I wouldn’t call it the best picture, but it is a picture. xD Anyway, that’s all the updates at this moment! I’ll be sure to post again if anymore updates come up. 😀

UPDATE: I actually have a theory on this. My theory is that Club Penguin will soon add EPF Teleporters to various location on the island of Club Penguin. This is my theory because during the video in the EPF Command Room, it shows a couple pictures of an EPF Teleporter in the Beach and two other locations I’m not really sure of. 🙂

~Cool Boy 714

New Club Penguin EPF Gear

Hey everyone! 😀

Today, along with the new Club Penguin EPF Field Ops mission, Club Penguin has released some new EPF gear! Here is a picture of the new gear for Club Penguin Elite Force Agents:

I think this new Elite Penguin Force gear looks awesome! What do you think? 😀

~Cool Boy 714

Club Penguin Field Ops 11 Cheats

Hello all of you penguins! 😀

I’m going to go right ahead and start posting the cheats for this week’s field ops, because I have a lot of work to do on some things. 😉

Anyway, to start off this week’s field ops in Club Penguin, login to the game, as usual. Then, when you login your EPF Spy Phone should be blinking with a red light. Click it.

Once you click on the EPF Spy Phone, you should see a message that comes up. Skip to the bottom of the message and click the Go There button.

Once you click that button, you will be taken to the EPF Headquaters. When you get there, walk over to the EPF board to the right of the screen.

When you get over there, a message will come up telling you what your mission is. Click the Accept button.

After you have accepted your mission, head on over the the Club Penguin Lighthouse. When you get there, walk torward the speaker in the bottom left of the screen to make your EPF Spy Phone start blinking with a green light.

Once your EPF Spy Phone starts blinking with a green light, click it.

When you click your EPF Spy Phone, the mission should start. That’s all for this guide! 🙂

~Cool Boy 714