Club Penguin EPF Field Ops 8 Cheats

Hello penguins! Today, Club Penguin has released a new field ops! This is field ops number 8! Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and get started with the post. 🙂

To begin with, log into Club Penguin. If you are an EPF agent, you should see your EPF Spy Phone blinking red in the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on it.

Once you click on your phone, a message that looks like the following will pop-up. Click on the Go There button.

You should now be inside the EPF Headquaters. Walk over to the board on the right that says Field Ops to recieve your mission.

Here is a picture of the mission you should recieve this week:

Now, after you click the Accept button, open up your map in the bottom left corner of the screen and go to the Dojo Courtyard.

When you get to the Dojo Courtyard, walk on over to the camera that is on the ground.

Once you do that, your EPF Spy Phone should start to blink with a green light. Click on the phone.

Once you click on your phone, your instructions should pop-up. Click on the Engage button to start the mission.

To complete the mission, just hover over a red dot and it should how you a shape. For example, the shape may be a square. Anyway, click that red dot. Then, hover over all the other red dots until you find another one with a square shape on it, then click it as well. Then the two dots that you clicked should explode. Repeat this until all the dots are gone.

Well that’s all for this guide! 😀

~Cool Boy 714