Club Penguin Fields Ops #7 Cheats

Club Penguin has just released the newest Club Penguin Field Ops mission. This week’s Field Ops is number 7! I am here to bring you all the Club Penguin Field Ops cheats, so let me go ahead and get started on this post now.

To complete this week’s Field Ops, first, go to the EPF Headquarters and click on the EPF board as shown in the picture below.

Once you click the board, you will be taken to the screen so you can view your mission. Click the Accept button once you have read the message.

After you click the Accept button, go to the Beacon. You can get the the Beacon by going to The Beach, then inside the Lighthouse.

Once you get inside the Lighthouse, walk up the stairs and to the second flight of stairs or just click on the sign that says {Beacon}.

Once you get to the Beacon, walk somewhere close to the area which is in the square in the picture below.

Once you get close enough to the area, your EPF Spy phone will begin to flash green.

Once your EPF Spy phone flashes green, click it. Your phone will then flip sideways and the missions’s instructions can be viewed there. Once you are done reading the instructions, click Engage and start the game!

Well, that’s all for this mission! I hope all you penguins can complete it. 😀

~Cool Boy 714