Fall Fair Cheats & Penguin Style September 2009 Cheats & Rockhopper Cheats and Tracker!

Okay first I will tell you the Fall Fair cheats!

If you go to the Forest, you will find the Prize Booth for Non-Members and Members



If you go in the place that says Puffle Circus, you will come here:


When there, there is a Members Only Prize Booth and an entrance to the Puffle Circus.



When you are in the Puffle Circus (Members Only), you can choose the act!


Also, Rockhopper is here! For the first time ever in Club Penguin, he is going to stay for the Fall Fair! I have put the Rockhopper Tracker in the sidebar. During this weekend the tracker should be most accurate than ever but with school starting back on Tuesday, I don’t know if it will keep updating or not because the server is on my computer and my PC has to be on for it to work. So here are Rockhopper’s items he brought with him:


Anyway, here are some helpful tips about the tickets:

  • To get tickets, you must play the games that are located around the island.
  • You can use the tickets to get prizes at the Prize Booths that are in the Puffle Circus and the Forest.
  • When you log out all the tickets you have will be lost so spend them before you log out!
  • To check how many tickets you have, look at the top-right hand corner.


Some more ticket information is below.


Now time for the Penguin Style September 2009 catalog cheats!

Black Bowtie – Page 2

Black Bowtie

Red Viking Helmet – Page 6

Red Viking Helmet_3

Blue Viking Helmet – To get this item, open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times.

Blue Viking Helmet _3

Also, the Rockhopper Tracker is below.

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