Festival Of Flight Extended!

The Festival Of Flight party will now last until August 20! That will give everyone longer to find Gary!


Also, the new play, Underwater Adventure, will be starting on August 21!



Hey everyone, I am REALLY sorry about missing the party. I hope you still came to it though! I had to go visit my family (all day). I am going to have a make-up party for the one I missed earlier! I will post about it when I know the details! This time, I will try to get a lot more special guests and betas! Will you come to the make-up party?


Okay everyone, first, you can go to the Cave/Mine and get the new Sand Castle pin!

Sand Castle Pin

Second, you can go to the Plaza and get the Green Propeller Cap (Like I predicted!)

Green Propeller Cap

Third, you can go to the Forest and get on the Balloon Ride to the Tallest Mountain!

balloon ride

When you are at the Tallest Mountain, you can get the free (MEMBERS ONLY) Jetpack! (Like I predicted!)


Also, someone commented saying that the Festival Of Flight is out, which I knew already, but he said he needed help finding the Mining Helmet. There is no Mining Helmet at this party, sorry.

By the way, all the water is gone from Club Penguin! If you go to the Beach or the Cove, there isn’t anymore water!

Also, Gary is visiting Club Penguin! He has been known to visit ONLY the Tallest Mountain! (Members Only) I put the Gary Tracker on the sidebar.

Gary Playercard

That is cool that I predicted both of the free items!

My New CSS!

Hey people! I finally bought the CSS upgrade as you can see! Do you like it? If you like the new CSS please comment saying you like it!

~Cool Boy 714

Possible Items For The Festival Of Flight Tomorrow…

Hey guys! I’m just posting today just to say, I think I know what the free items are for the Festival Of Flight! Okay, I have evidence that can help my theories too!

Anyway, I think the non-member free item will be the Green Propeller Cap. In the news, it shows a penguin wearing one.


For the member free item, I think it will be a Jet-Pack!



Also, you will be able to meet Gary. (Picture Above For Evidence)

I want to end this post asking you why you think this penguin looks mad.


All of the pictures above can be found on page B5 in the Club Penguin News.

New Interview Needed!

I need someone new to interview for my new show called CPInterviews or CPI for short! I need a non-famous penguin to be in it. If you can be interviewed, then just comment the details about when you want to meet on Club Penguin for the interview, I will accept the first person to comment ON THIS POST!

Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 4 Released! & Lighthouse Music Cheat!

Hey everyone! the CSS upgrade won when it closed so I will be getting a new CSS early tomorrow or around 1:00 pm tomorrow! It will look so awesome!

Also, the Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 4 was released today! Click Here to go look at it! There aren’t any cheats in the book yet… I would get the Life Ring and the Green Sunglasses! What would you get?

Finally, the Lighthouse music is back! If you go to the Lighthouse and put on an instrument, like the Guitar, you can hear your own music!