Rockhopper, Fall Fair, New Pin, and Sports Catalog Cheats


Okay, first off, there are no cheats in the sports catalog.

Now, the new pin is at the Cove. It is the Koi Fish pin!

Koi Fish Pin

Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin soon. I know this because if you look through the telescope at the Beacon, you will see his ship.


The Fall Fair will be here on September 14! If you look at the new login screen, it looks like there will be a couple of new items!

Fall Fair_1

They have also started getting some boxes for the party/fair!

Fall Fair_2

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Members will get access to a special room! That is all I can say…

4 Responses

  1. how do you close your website?

    Cool Boy 714 says: Go to Settings -> Delete Blog -> Then fill out all the requested information.

  2. Hello,
    Add me on cp if u meet me+which server do u go???
    Are u on facebook,if u are what is ur name there?
    Okay,first thing i want u to make my freind!We can do awesome stuff together!Plz comment at my site to discuss what we can do together?(Admins or so?)
    One thing,my first blogroll is full and blogroll 2 is almost the same thing.It doesnt matter if you are on that blogroll.I can do one thing,along with your link on blogroll 2 i will write cool blog.What do u think?
    Gulchi šŸ˜‰

    Cool Boy 714 says: No I am not on FaceBook. I am usually on the server Tundra and I am commenting on your site now!

  3. hey Cool Boy what did you make the header with?

    Cool Boy 714 says: I make all my headers with the prgram Macromedia Fireworks, but I might be using Photoshop soon!

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