Better Igloos Catalog Cheats For August 2009 – September 2009!

Ok first off, the new play at the Stage has officially started! It has some cool items and some other not cool items in the catalog!

Anyway, here are the cheats for the Better Igloos Catalog:

Bowling Pin – Page 1

bowling pin

Bowling Alley – Page 2

bowling alley

Fridge – Page 2



Wall Speakers – Page 3

 how_wall speakers_2

wall speakers_2

Band Stage – Page 3

band stage_2

LCD Television – Page 4

lcd television_3

Guitar Stand – Page 4

guitar stand_2

Penguin Knight Sculpture – Page 6

penguin knight sculpture_3


4 Responses

  1. hey can i be on your blogroll?

  2. Please check your email again coolboy…responded!

  3. the pages r messed up

    Cool Boy 714 says: I know that only happens on some computers. It is because I have too many pages! My site is growing more than ever this year! I can’t fix it though. 😦

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