Some AWESOME Club Penguin Updates & Things You May Not Have Known About Club Penguin!

Including the new play coming tomorrow, a new Snow & Sports Catalog will be coming next week!


Check out the Club Penguin blog by clicking on the picture above!

Also, I think they took the ‘Bold’ letters off the Club Penguin server select screen.

By the way, did anyone know how the server Yukon was created? This is actually kinda cool! I was looking in a book at school today called “School Atlas” and it had Canada in there! (Canada is Club Penguin’s Main Head Quarters) Well I was looking all around Canada to see if I saw anything about Club Penguin or Disney and I saw the word Yukon! It is a city is British Columbia, Canada!


Also, Rockhopper might be coming soon! I hope he will bring an AWESOME free item! Oh and for evidence, look at the new wallpaper in the Community page of Club Penguin!

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  1. Sup dude, u know how i was complaining aboutmy stats, well nvm that because today, i got 23 veiws so nvm. no affence.

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