Okay everyone, first, you can go to the Cave/Mine and get the new Sand Castle pin!

Sand Castle Pin

Second, you can go to the Plaza and get the Green Propeller Cap (Like I predicted!)

Green Propeller Cap

Third, you can go to the Forest and get on the Balloon Ride to the Tallest Mountain!

balloon ride

When you are at the Tallest Mountain, you can get the free (MEMBERS ONLY) Jetpack! (Like I predicted!)


Also, someone commented saying that the Festival Of Flight is out, which I knew already, but he said he needed help finding the Mining Helmet. There is no Mining Helmet at this party, sorry.

By the way, all the water is gone from Club Penguin! If you go to the Beach or the Cove, there isn’t anymore water!

Also, Gary is visiting Club Penguin! He has been known to visit ONLY the Tallest Mountain! (Members Only) I put the Gary Tracker on the sidebar.

Gary Playercard

That is cool that I predicted both of the free items!

5 Responses

  1. ok can you guys please get more cheats for non members!!??

    Cool Boy 714 says: We will try our best!

  2. I found out Gary can be met at the Forest and Pool too! So non members can meet him too!

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  4. i met him at the pool so everyone can meet him

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