Possible Items For The Festival Of Flight Tomorrow…

Hey guys! I’m just posting today just to say, I think I know what the free items are for the Festival Of Flight! Okay, I have evidence that can help my theories too!

Anyway, I think the non-member free item will be the Green Propeller Cap. In the news, it shows a penguin wearing one.


For the member free item, I think it will be a Jet-Pack!



Also, you will be able to meet Gary. (Picture Above For Evidence)

I want to end this post asking you why you think this penguin looks mad.


All of the pictures above can be found on page B5 in the Club Penguin News.


2 Responses

  1. He’s mad ’cause G said he couldn’t get a jetpack.’Cause you know he’s only wearing a non-member item.

    Cool Boy 714 says: LOL!!! That is funny!

  2. He is like that because he has tod o all the the hard work lugging heavy lanterns! And soon he will get his revenge on Gary and make him lug stuff forever! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHOOPS! Got to carried away! LOL!

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