Card-Jitsu Card Code Contest Round 2! ***NOW OVER***

No one from round 1 has made a comment yet, so I will give it to the first person who got the answer right! So, the winner is…


I sent you an email with the code in it!

This is round 2 of the Card-Jitsu Card Code Contest. That means that only the winners of round 1 can enter. The winners from round 1 are:

  1. Oneoh10
  2. Imperfectkylie
  3. Twemmr

If you act to be them, I will know. I know their original IP Addresses. Anyway, the picture for round 2 is below.


You have to be the fastest person to get it right!

I have sent all the emails saying that round 2 has started to the winners of round 1 at the same time to make it fair.

Also, you MUST ONLY comment the answer on this post ONLY.

Good Luck to everyone!


17 Responses

  1. let me have 1

  2. when will it work

  3. forest

  4. Cool Boy 714 says: Sorry, But you are not one of the round 1 winners. 😦

  5. i doubt im correct, but the cove?

    Cool Boy 714 says: Sorry, you are wrong.

  6. Oh jeez. Sorry man. I forgot! 😦 I feel very bad. I need this code so badly! Hit me with a pie. (I like pies)


    The answer is the Dock!

    My email is

  8. I hope mine is right!

  9. Oops, I didn’t know only the round 1 winners could enter.

    😦 That’s unfair, since I just discovered this place.

  10. forest!!

  11. I’m so sad. AND MAD. You didn’t NOTIFY me about the new round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT? Why not? Why not?!? Oh nevermind you did. Lol sorry. But, I was on vacation… Please have another contest soon I’m begging you.

    Cool Boy 714 says: That was the first contest of many!

  12. how do you get the codes

    Cool Boy 714 says: You can buy them at any Toys ‘R’ Us store.

  13. FOREST!!

  14. its the dock!!!!!!!

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