Card-Jitsu Card Code Contest Round 2! ***NOW OVER***

No one from round 1 has made a comment yet, so I will give it to the first person who got the answer right! So, the winner is…


I sent you an email with the code in it!

This is round 2 of the Card-Jitsu Card Code Contest. That means that only the winners of round 1 can enter. The winners from round 1 are:

  1. Oneoh10
  2. Imperfectkylie
  3. Twemmr

If you act to be them, I will know. I know their original IP Addresses. Anyway, the picture for round 2 is below.


You have to be the fastest person to get it right!

I have sent all the emails saying that round 2 has started to the winners of round 1 at the same time to make it fair.

Also, you MUST ONLY comment the answer on this post ONLY.

Good Luck to everyone!