Series 4 Coin Code Contest! Round 1 – Only Round! (CONTEST OVER!!!)

Hey all you penguins! We are starting a Series 4 Coin Code Contest today! To win round 1, all you have to do is comment 50 times! Only comments on this post will count!


  • No Swearing
  • No Advertising
  • No Spamming

You are allowed to comment numbers! (Example: 1, 2, 3, etc.)

So, with saying all that, start commenting to try to win the Series 4 Coin Code!

Instead of having like 3 rounds, I decided to change the rules to the following.

The winners of this round will be picked randomly out of a hat or I will make something in Flash that will randomly choose the winner!

People Able To Win So Far:

Masterpengi A.K.A Snuffytoon






How To Unlock The Series 4 Treasure Book:

Rockhopper, Fall Fair, New Pin, and Sports Catalog Cheats


Okay, first off, there are no cheats in the sports catalog.

Now, the new pin is at the Cove. It is the Koi Fish pin!

Koi Fish Pin

Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin soon. I know this because if you look through the telescope at the Beacon, you will see his ship.


The Fall Fair will be here on September 14! If you look at the new login screen, it looks like there will be a couple of new items!

Fall Fair_1

They have also started getting some boxes for the party/fair!

Fall Fair_2

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Members will get access to a special room! That is all I can say…

Happy77 Talks Sport Catalog

Happy77 wrote the following on the Club Penguin Blog.

Greetings Penguins!

We’re excited that Friday is just around the corner because there’s a brand new Snow & Sport catalog that’ll be released in the Sport Shop. I wanted to know a bit more about that catalog so I asked someone who works on it. Here goes:

To read the rest of this post please click here!

Sports Catalog Sneek Peek!

Hey everyone this post will be short because there isn’t really much to say. Anyway, I got the picture below from the Club Penguin Blog.


Better Igloos Catalog Cheats For August 2009 – September 2009!

Ok first off, the new play at the Stage has officially started! It has some cool items and some other not cool items in the catalog!

Anyway, here are the cheats for the Better Igloos Catalog:

Bowling Pin – Page 1

bowling pin

Bowling Alley – Page 2

bowling alley

Fridge – Page 2



Wall Speakers – Page 3

 how_wall speakers_2

wall speakers_2

Band Stage – Page 3

band stage_2

LCD Television – Page 4

lcd television_3

Guitar Stand – Page 4

guitar stand_2

Penguin Knight Sculpture – Page 6

penguin knight sculpture_3

Some AWESOME Club Penguin Updates & Things You May Not Have Known About Club Penguin!

Including the new play coming tomorrow, a new Snow & Sports Catalog will be coming next week!


Check out the Club Penguin blog by clicking on the picture above!

Also, I think they took the ‘Bold’ letters off the Club Penguin server select screen.

By the way, did anyone know how the server Yukon was created? This is actually kinda cool! I was looking in a book at school today called “School Atlas” and it had Canada in there! (Canada is Club Penguin’s Main Head Quarters) Well I was looking all around Canada to see if I saw anything about Club Penguin or Disney and I saw the word Yukon! It is a city is British Columbia, Canada!


Also, Rockhopper might be coming soon! I hope he will bring an AWESOME free item! Oh and for evidence, look at the new wallpaper in the Community page of Club Penguin!

New Stage Play Update

Some of you still are curious about the new Underwater Adventures. Well, it isn’t a party, it is a play! Some cool things about it will most likely be the costumes, an entire sea-castle to climb in, and a shadowy sea creature in the distance! Sounds pretty exciting to me!


This play will start this Friday! Also, the Festival of Flight ends tomorrow. Will Club Penguin still be in the air? Let’s just wait and see!