Card-Jitsu Code Contest! ***NOW OVER-Round 2 Starts This Saturday! (8/1/09)***

Okay this is a quick contest to win a Card-Jitsu Code! Okay there will be 2 rounds. On the first round, you will have to guess what room the picture is from. The first 3 people will advance to the 2 round. On the second round, only 1 person will win, they will get the Card-Jitsu Card Code. Anyway, here is the picture for round 1:


Good luck! Oh and you have to comment your answer on this post only!

Correct so far:




I will notify the 3 winners when round 2 starts!

38 Responses



  3. I hope Im right 🙂

  4. Yo! If I advance to the second round. Could you email me in my email? Please? Here it i: You just tell me that the second round has started and that your awesome website is

    Thanks, Dude. You rock. 🙂

  5. Thanks dude! 🙂

  6. Love your site. You have so much hits. Awesome! 🙂

    Cool Boy 714 says: Thanks so much! Oh and you got the answer correct! I will email you when round 2 starts!

  7. Awesome. You’re online?

  8. Can my brother join too?

    Cool Boy 714 says: Can he use another computer?

  9. Wait. You’re a beta?

    Cool Boy 714 says: Yes I am. But I don’t like wearing the Beta Hat that much.

    • Aw. Why? You’re site is fast, so I comment alot 🙂

      Cool Boy 714 says: Because I don’t like that much of a crowd unless I am famous. Oh and thanks! (I think it is kinda slow!)

  10. Ya. We are.

    Cool Boy 714 says: Okay thanks!

  11. I emailed you the account! 🙂 check your mail.

  12. Have you checked it?

    Cool Boy 714 says: yes I just checked it and sent you a reply! Thank-you so much!

  13. Yo Coolboy. GTG. See ya next time.

    Cool Boy 714 says: Okay bye! Thanks again!

  14. Hey. Could you do me a favor? When you start the 2nd round.. Could you please do it on weekends( if possible on saturday) PLEASE. I got school..

    Cool Boy 714 says: I will try my best to have it on a Saturday!

  15. ninja hideout

  16. oh its over now

    Cool Boy 714 says: Sorry! But you were right. It is over now and the room was the Ninja Hideout.

  17. Yea! I actually won!

  18. OH MAN IT’S OVER! Darn it!


    Cool Boy 714 says: Sorry but you can’t it is over.

  20. Hey Cool Boy i think u should do round 2 soon… real soon. not to be mean. Maybe this Saturday? (for imperfectkylie) I need to have it soon because ROund 2 contest on kybird’s site is SOON. and big. VERY big.

  21. the ninja hideout

  22. cool i need won

  23. The dojo courtyard

  24. the dojo hideout

  25. dojo courtyard

  26. DOJO

  27. dojo niga hideout

  28. Ninja hideout in dojo area

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