Music Jam ’09 Free Item and Other Member Items!

The Music Jam started today! During this party, you will be able to find the Penguin Band and Cadence! You can find Cadence at the Rooftop if you are a member and have the All-Access Pass. You can find the Penguin Band Backstage (at the Dock) if you have an All-Access Pass, and if your a member.

You can get the All-Access Pass at the Snow Forts.



Now for the free item. It is the Green Headphones! It is at the Cove.

Green Headphones

The new pin is out to! Is is the Umbrella Pin. It is at the Boiler Room.

Umbrella Pin

Also, there is a free item for members! It is the Boombox! (old item returned) It is at the Rooftop which is above the Night Club.


There is a cheat in the Music catalog (which is Backstage).

Music catalog cheat

There is another cheat too! If you click the “o” in the word “Catalog” you will find the Black Guitar!

2 Responses

  1. Also if u click on the “O” u get the black guitar!
    Try it!

    Cool Boy 714 says: Thank-you, but I have already put that in the post. I just forgot to take a picture of it. 😉

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