New Pin and New Igloo Music!

Hey until I can get my other computers fixed, I have to use MsPaint. (Not a good editor.) Anyway, the new pin is at the Coffee Shop. It is the Toy Sailboat Pin.

 Toy Sailboat Pin

Also, I am not able to take a lot of pictures because MsPaint takes a lot of time. 😦

The new igloo music is here too! I didn’t get a picture of them so I will just tell you the new music’s name.

  • Keytar Jam
  • Rocksteady
  • All-Access Pass
  • Rocking Pizza

That is there names!

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A Lot Of News And Contest Update

Okay, right now my Internet is messing up a lot, it might be fixed but I am not sure. Anyway, in the news, it says that Gary is going to change the windows in the Pool/Underground. I wonder if it will have another leak… 😉

Oh and there is a new reviewed by you section on the Club Penguin Blog.


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By the way, the 2nd round for the contest will be held on this Saturday! Be memorizing those rooms because this will be the hardest guessing game ever! 😉

Music At Lighthouse Staying!

Okay, on the Club Penguin blog, it says that when you play certain instruments at the Lighthouse, you will be able to hear them! Also, some of the Music Jam music will be in your igloos (members only) on this Friday!


Card-Jitsu Code Contest! ***NOW OVER-Round 2 Starts This Saturday! (8/1/09)***

Okay this is a quick contest to win a Card-Jitsu Code! Okay there will be 2 rounds. On the first round, you will have to guess what room the picture is from. The first 3 people will advance to the 2 round. On the second round, only 1 person will win, they will get the Card-Jitsu Card Code. Anyway, here is the picture for round 1:


Good luck! Oh and you have to comment your answer on this post only!

Correct so far:




I will notify the 3 winners when round 2 starts!

Go Vote For Aqua At The Forest!

You can now vote for the new color at the Forest! Sorry I couldn’t post this earlier, Club Penguin isn’t loading. I had to use a different computer. 😦



I had a very hard time choosing between Aqua and Lavendar! Choose AQUA!!!