Adventure Party Cheats!

Ok there are two free items. The first one is the Safari Hat. The Safari Hat is at the Plaza. (For Non-Members and Members)

 Safari Hat

The second free item is the Tropical Bird. It is at the Tree Fort. To get to the Tree Fort go to the Forest then go up the ladder. (For Members)

 Tropical Bird

Here are the Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt cheats:

To begin, click the binoculars at the upper right corner.

 Adventure Hunt_Start

The first item is Underground at the Pool. It is the Grey Fish.

 Adventure Hunt_1

The second item is at the Cove. It is the curly plant thing.

 Adventure Hunt_2

The third item is at the Dock. It is the small turtle.

 Adventure Hunt_3

The fourth item is at the Snow Forts. It is the bush of flowers.

 Adventure Hunt_4

The fifth item is at the Iceberg. Click on the spray of water to get the Whale.

How_Adventure Hunt_5

 Adventure Hunt_5

The sixth item is at the Plaza. It is the flowers in the upper right.

 Adventure Hunt_6

The seventh item is at the Beach. Click on the bubbles at the right, in the water, to get the Jellyfish.

How_Adventure Hunt_7

 Adventure Hunt_7

The eighth item is at the Forest. It is the big flower in the tree above the waterfall.

 Adventure Hunt_8

After you have found all the items you should get the new Adventure Party Background!

Adventure Party Background


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