Sensei’s Postcard and Sensei Tracker

Ok here is Sensei’s postcard that he sent to everyone:


It says he will be teaching Ninjas a new move! I think the new move will be walking on walls! What do you think the new move will be? Comment and tell us!

Here is the Sensei Tracker:


As most of you already know, Sensei will be waddling around only in the Ninja Hideout.

How To Become A Ninja:

To gain access to the Ninja Hideout, you must first become a Ninja. To become a Ninja play Card-Jitsu in the Dojo. To become a Ninja and earn your belts. The fastest way to do that is to talk to Sensei and select “Earn Your Belts” or “Competition Mode”. After you get the Black Belt, talk to Sensei again and you will have to click “Challenge Sensei”. After you have beaten Sensei you will earn your Ninja Mask and gain access to the Ninja Hideout.

DJ3K Upgrade and Igloo Catalog Cheats

The DJ3K game has been upgraded today. Now, there are new music tracks that members can buy in the catalog at the Night Club. Here are some pictures of the new upgrades:

how_DJ3K Catalog

DJ3K Catalog

New DJ3K Menu

You can also wear the DJ3K Tracks that you buy as a hand item!

New DJ3K Hand Items

Here are the Igloo Upgrades Catalog cheats:

Secret Stone Igloo – Page 2

Secret Stone Igloo

Gingerbread House Igloo – Page 7

how_Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo – Page 8

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo

Sensei Appearance!

Sensei will be waddling around at the Ninja Hideout July 3 – July 5! he will only be at the Ninja Hideout. I might have a Sensei Tracker ready by then. If I don’t then just Google Sensei Trackers.

Sensei Appearance

DJ3K Upgrades Coming Soon!

On Friday there will be new music in your igloo and also a DJ3K upgrade! I don’t usually play this game that much but I think I will try it out on Friday. Here is the sneek peek from the Club Penguin Blog:

DJ3K Upgrade Sneek Peek

It says on the Club Penguin Blog that members will be able to buy exclusive music tracks from a special catalog and use them in the game.

It also talks about the yellow puffles being enthusiastic about this upgrade. I think they are going to be able to help you get more coins in the game.

New Pin Location and Igloo Furniture Catalog Cheats!

The new pin is the Watermelon pin. It is at the Lighthouse.

Watermelon Pin

Here are the Better Igloos catalog cheats:

LCD Television – Page 1

LCD Television

Penguin Knight Sculpture – Page 3

Penguin Knight Sculpture

Wheelbarrow – Page 4


Picket Fence – Page 5

Picket Fence