Rockhopper Cheats and New Pin Location! Update: I Met Rockhopper

Rockhopper’s free item is the Overgrown Ship Background.

Rockhopper_Catalog_May 22 - May 31

When you meet him, he will give you a new background.

Rockhopper_New Background_May 22 - May 31

The new pin is the Ice Cream Sundae pin. It is located at the Pizza Parlor.

Ice Cream Sundae Pin

The Rockhopper Tracker is in the sidebar. It is automatically updated.

I met Rockhopper! He was at server Toboggan. He is gone now. 😦 I did get to get his background though! 🙂

Here is the picture of Rockhopper I got:

Rockhopper_May 22

That is proof that my tracker really works!

2 Responses

  1. hey coolboy714 this is gizzmo, i think your website is cool

  2. COOL BOY 714 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

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