Sports Catalog Cheat and New Igloo Music!

Here are the Sports Catalog cheats:

Green Soccer Jersey – Page 1


green soccer jersey

That is the only catalog cheat.

As for the new igloo music, here is a picture of them:


Here are the names of the new igloo music:

Puffle Ragtime, Summer Song, Flipper Stomper, Coconut, Mix Maestro, Catchin’ Waves Theme, and Water Kongo.

Card-Jitsu Upgrade

They have just upgraded the Card-Jitsu game! Here are some pictures showing the upgrades:

card-jitsu game upgrade

viewing card-jitsu game upgrade

Sports Catalog Sneek Peek and Greens Growing at the Beach!

There will be a new Sports Catalog on Friday. Here is the sneek peek for it:

Sport Catalog Sneek Peek_purplescuba2

Also, the plants that Rockhopper brought back with him are growing at the beach.

Rockhopper_Plants Growing to Beach

Rockhopper Cheats and New Pin Location! Update: I Met Rockhopper

Rockhopper’s free item is the Overgrown Ship Background.

Rockhopper_Catalog_May 22 - May 31

When you meet him, he will give you a new background.

Rockhopper_New Background_May 22 - May 31

The new pin is the Ice Cream Sundae pin. It is located at the Pizza Parlor.

Ice Cream Sundae Pin

The Rockhopper Tracker is in the sidebar. It is automatically updated.

I met Rockhopper! He was at server Toboggan. He is gone now. 😦 I did get to get his background though! 🙂

Here is the picture of Rockhopper I got:

Rockhopper_May 22

That is proof that my tracker really works!

Rockhopper Returns and Card-Jitsu Update

Rockhopper will be in Club Penguin May 22 – May 31. Rockhopper tracker coming tomorrow!

rockhopper returns

As for the Card – Jitsu updates, there will be something new to it when you are in the Dojo or Dojo Courtyard “soon”.

card-jitsu update_news