Cool Boy 714’s New Penguin!

I have another penguin! He is much better too! He is rare and is a member. He is 985 days old. His name is Darthvadar7. Here is a picture of what I will be wearing when I am on that penguin:


Here is a picture of my penguin:


Here are my settings:


Yes, I do have 111 buddies on that penguin. There used to be a glitch that you could get unlimited buddies, but sadly, they fixed it. It kept mine though. And yes, he is 985 days old.

I will most likely be on Cool Boy 714 though.

Game Upgrades Now Here

The Sled Racing game upgrades are now here. Here are some pictures:



Also, the Dance Contest game has some new tunes. They are called

  1. Patrick’s Jig
  2. Go West
  3. Let’s Bounce

But they are only for members. 😦 Sorry non-members.

There is a new pin too. It is the Tree pin. It is found at the Dojo Courtyard.


Meet Rockhopper in Walt Disney World!

Rockhopper will be in Walt Disney World, in Florida, on April 30 and be there until May 13! He will be making an in-person visit to the park.


Club Penguin knows that everyone won’t be able to go there so, they will be posting updates straight from the event!

Click Here for More Information

Better Igloo Catalog Cheats

Wheelbarrow – Page  1


Picket Fence – Page 2


Disco Ball – Page 4



White Puffle Poster – Page 7


Ice Table – Page 8



Aquarium – Page 10

aquarium-2 Now Re-Opened!

Rsnail’s site, is now re-opened! 🙂 That site is his micro-blog where he will post short updates about things that he likes to do or about what is happening. Right now he only has three posts. But that will change. You can even email him personally at

Most of his pages are still not up. Will he re-open them too? I sent him an email asking him and I will tell you what he says when he answers.

Rsnail = RocketSnail