Puffle Party Cheats!

As most of you know now, the Puffle Party has just started! If you go to the Cove there is a free item, the Puffle Bandana.


Some cool things about this party is that if you go to the Lighthouse, the Yellow Puffle room, and stand on the place where it says “Stand Here” the Yellow Puffle will paint you!


Go to the Snow Forts and go northwest and you can play Feed a Puffle but you throw snowballs for the O’ Berries!


Also, earlier today there was a glitch where if you tried to buy anythuing from the Red Furniture it would ban you. The ban would say “A moderator has banned your account. You ban will expire in %number% hours.” I forgot to take a picture of it. Here is the one I got off of Club Penguin City – http://clubpenguincity.com/:


Oh and you can still log back in. 🙂

I think the coolest room of all is the Pool!


Click the ‘Windows’ button and this is what the Cave looks like:


What is your favorite room?

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