Is Club Penguin Hiding Things?

Is Club Penguin hiding things? Take a look at the newspaper or, the Penguin Times. Look at the “Reviewed by You” section. Look who wrote the article.
That is what is now. This is what is was a few days ago.
I got that picture off of Ojoc’s blog.
Is that proof that the “Reviewed by You” section of the Penguin Times is not really reviewed by you?
Oh it could be fake because the maximum letters of a Club Penguin account is 12 letters.


Club Penguin Item Article

Club Penguin makes their items by:

Designing it. This example is a Tuba:


Then they add detail, shading, and color. (This is what goes into your inventory).

Finally, it is made into 3D.


Then they are finished!

The result: