New Pin!

The new pin is a Taco Pin. It is located at the Snow Forts under the Clock Tower.


Member Party is Here!

The member party is here! There is a new game and also a free item! Here is the picture of the free item, which can be found in the Night Club at the bottom left of the screen:


The free item is a Boombox! If you take everything else off but leave the Boombox on, you will start break dancing! that was a picture of the whole Night Club!

Night Club Upstairs:


Night Club Roof:


(I put a box around everything I thought was cool!)

Also, this is how it looks from the outside (Town):


New Furniture Sneek Peek, and Other News

New furniture will be here Friday.

Here is a sneek peek:


To me it looks like a salamander and a new Ninja thing!

Sorry we havn’t been posting a lot lately. But we are back on track and going to be posting a lot now!

A member party will start tomorrow!

Here are 2 sneek peeks:


Picture 1 event.jpg

During, and maybe after, the member party there is going to be a new dance game! It sounds like a good time to become a member in Club Penguin! Oh, speaking of members Icyberri is now a Club Penguin member along with Cool Boy 714!

New Pin!

The new pin is a Gingerbread Man pin! It is at the Ski Lodge.


Penguin Playground is Starting Again, so is a New Website!

Ok this is big news! We are starting Penguin Playground again! Also we are starting a new website! This new website will be similar but completely different, than Here is a picture of what Penguin Playground looks like right now:
Penguin Playground so Far

Happy New Years!

The Club Penguin Rally Team all wishes you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from:


Cool Boy 714