Christmas in Club Penguin!

The Christmas Party in Club Penguin started today! There are two free items that they brought back.

The Santa Hat is at the Snow Forts.


The Santa Beard is at the Ski Village.


The new pin is at the Ski Lodge. It is a Present.


All the rooms I have looked at so far are decorated, a lot! Dont forget about our Christmas Party! Here are the details again:


Here are the details, if you can’t see the picture:

Why: Christmas

Who: Chinzstrap and Cool Boy 714

When: December 20, 2008

Server: Tundra

Time: 1:00 PM (Club Penguin Time)
3:00 PM (Central Time Zone)
4:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone)
2:00 PM (Mountain Time Zone)
1:00 PM (Pacific Time Zone)

Room: We will be switching around rooms but, during the party, we will keep updating this website, telling you where we are at. Or we will say it in Club Penguin. The first room will be the Coffee Shop.

We will be adding some penguins to our friends list!


One Response

  1. Don’t forget to come to Cool Boy 714 and Chinzstrap’s Christmas Party tomorrow! This is secret but…. we will have a penguin giveaway soon!

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