All Club Penguin Book Codes!

Here are all the Club Penguin book codes!

Ultimate Official Guide To Club Penguin:

Page 9- Sometimes
Page 35- Misses
Page 38- Scavenger
Page 40- Examples
Page 62- Picture
Page 63- How
Page 64- Fishing
Page 65- Storage
Page 71- Seats
Page 71- Musical
Page 73- Search
Page 75- Tossing
Page 77- Buying
Page 101- Donated
Page 117- Jerseys
Page 118- Squads
Page 140- Breeze
Page 141- Combined
Page 143- Secret
Page 155- Queen
Page 156- Small
Page 169- Start
Page 171- Annual
Page 175- Crown
Page 176- Item
Page 179- Penguins
Page 182- Actions

Club Penguin Stowaway:

Page 6- Mysterious
Page 40- Waterfall
Page 52- Deck
Page 80- Penguin

If some are not on here please comment and we will try to fix it!


4 Responses

  1. Hey I think page 63 is wrong.

    Cool Boy 714 and Chinzstrap say: We will fix it.

  2. some codes are not there.

  3. i think they changed all of the codes cause they aren’t working at all for me
    Cool Boy 714 says: Ok, we will check.

  4. yeah…I think Cp ust of changed the codes, none of these words are workin’ for me. But thanks anyway.

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