Coins for Change and Rockhopper are Both Here!

There are two free items! The first free item is the Bell. It is located at the Plaza or the Beach.


The second free item is located in Rockhopper’s Ship, where the Store is. It is the Red Sailor’s Cap!


There are two Coins for Change Donation Stands that I saw. One of them is at the Plaza and the other one is at the Beach. They are both beside the Bells.


Rockhopper has changed the Treasure Hunt game for Coins for Change and Christmas.


This is Rockhopper’s Notice Board. His goal for Coins for Change is 56,000 coins! Are you going to help him with his goal? Which one will you donate to? The choices are: Kids who are poor and cannot go to school, Kids who are sick, or Kids without parents or hurt by war.



Rockhopper has also changed his ship for Christmas and Coins for Change!


If you see anything we missed please, tell us what we missed by commenting. We will give you credit.