Funny Video Coming Soon!

Hi everyone Cool Boy 714 and Chinzstrap will be making a funny video very soon! It might be out on Monday or Tuesday so keep watch!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! What did all of you get for Christmas?
Some of the things I got were:

  1. A Club Penguin Membership Card for 6 months,
  2. a StarBucks gift card,
  3. a Mp3 Player,
  4. and a video camera!

Yes, I am a member again, and this time, for 6 months!

There are two post cards you were supposed to get if you donated to Coins for Change. Here is what they look like:

G’s Postcard:


Coins for Change Postcard:

cfccard (You get the Coins for Change card only if you donated coins)

Here are the Coins for Change results:


New Club Penguin Login Screen!

There is finally a new Club Penguin Login Screen! Here is a picture of the new one:


At first I did not see the Ninja on the very right side of the Start button! Hope you guys like the new one!

HQ Message

Coins for Change is gone. So is Rockhopper. 😦 Did anyone see Rockhopper this year?
Anyway, here is a picture of the HQ message:
The message says, “Be Ready Agents”


Sorry, we could not make it to the server yesterday. It was full. We will reschedule it after Christmas sometime.