Ninja Poster

There is a ninja poster at the Dojo! It appears when you click the five lightbulbs, starting at left and going to the right, then click the “Wear A Hard Hat” sign. This is what it should look like.


We are all very excited about the “Training” that is going to take place on November 17, how about you?

New Pin, Catalog Cheats, Ninja Training, and the Ninja Video! (FINALLY!!!)

The new pin is at the Forest. It is the Snow Shovel Pin. It is located at the Forest near the bottom of the screen.


For the Catalog Cheats Go Here

 There have been more sightings of ninjas in the past couple days (Click the “N” on the Nightclub). I am proud to announce… That… there will be ninja training coming November 17!



Oh by the way, look at the Dojo!


Now… For the video. Hope you like it!

If you see any more ninjas let us know!

Fireworks, Ninja Message, and Ninja Sightings Video!

There are now fireworks at the Iceburg in Club Penguin.


There is a hidden ninja message in the newspaper! To read it you have to go to page A2 in the newspaper. Then you have to click the “N”, “I”, “N”, “J”, “A” in order where it says to in the picture below.



Ninja Sightings!

There have been reports of a lot of ninja sightings all around Club Penguin. (Gift Shop, Dojo, Ski Lodge, and more!)

We may have a video of all the ninja sightings later.

Strange Things Happening at the Dojo

There are some weird things happening at the Dojo right now! It looks like an avalance. Well anyway you can get to the Dojo by clicking where it says in the picture. Also look at how much they updated the map!

You can get the Miner’s Helmet at the Dojo. If you dance while you have the Miner’s Helmet on you will drill!

When you go out of the Dojo at the top that room’s name is Dojo Exterior. At the Dojo Exterior there is a penguin and his name is ?????? and he keeps digging. He won’t stop! Anyway, you can not be his friend, send him mail, go to his igloo, or report him. Who do you think he is? Is he a ninja? Can we become ninjas? Why is he here? Will he go away? Can he make us become a ninja? Is he a ninja?

Post a comment guessing what you think will happen!

Cool Boy 714 is Now a Member!

Yes, it is true! I am now a member! This is what my player card will look like for this month while i am a member.

When I get on Club Penguin I will always open my igloo. This is a picture of my igloo.

 (Click to enlarge)

Now that I am a member I can see the secret room in the Book Room. Wrong! I have to buy the Scientist Outfit first. So, after I bought it I went to the Secret Room (Laboratory) and I looked at EVERYONES player card and they all had the G (Gary) signed background! I just missed him! Well this is a picture of the Laboratory. Also, as you can see in the picture I circled something. Members can get free Lanterns!

 (Click to enlarge)

G’s (Gary’s) Background

Gary is the penguin you see in missions. He is the head of the secret agent stuff I think. Well anyway he has been spotted around the island lately. Usally on the second page of servers. That is where everyone saw him but me beacause I was too late to see him. He gives away a free signed background like Rockhopper! Here is one picture of his background.


  • Gary is usally on the second page of servers!
  • Gary’s username is Gary!
  • He gives away a RARE background so if you see him click the place where a friend button should be and you will get his free signed background!

That’s all for now!