Club Penguin DS Game and a New Room!

As most of you know by now, the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game is out now! Today Cool Boy 714 has bought it! Here are some screenshots of the game!

Sorry for the bad quality!

Top Beginning Screen


Bottom Beginning Screen

bottom-beginning-screen (The two buttons say, “Start” and “DGamer”)

Here is a video of what the game is like.

Today I found out that when you buy the game and enter the code in, you get access to the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Command Room! (If you have the game ONLY!) You get to the room the same way you do in the game…. Through the closet! Here are the pictures.

Go to the HQ then,


click on the closet in the bottom right corner of the screen then,


you should walk into there and…


You’re there!


One Response

  1. I have a question,how do you type the code cuz i have the game but dont know how

    Cool Boy 714 and Chinzstrap say: We e-mailed Club Penguin and asked them why it wasn’t working and they said to clear your cache then restart your computer and try it again. But if that is not your issue then all you have to do is click “Play Now” and in the top right corner click “Unlock Items” and choose the one you have. The coices are a Book or a Code. Then just enter it like it says.

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