How to be a Ninja!

How to be a Ninja in Club Penguin – A Step-by-Step-Guide by: Cool Boy 714

(We tried to put a YouTube video of all this but it would not work it took to long… 18 minutes and 36 seconds! We might see if we can do it faster next time, but that is a maybe!)

1. You must first become a Black Belt by playing Competitive Mode when you talk to Sensei.


2. Then you must face Sensei and win. To beat Sensei face him 6-8 times then he will start to lose.


3. Once you beat Sensei you will get the Ninja Mask and access to a secret Ninja’s only room called Flying Flippers Emporium.


4. Go to the Flying Flippers Emporium room and click on the catalog picture at the bottom right of the screen.


5. There you can buy the Ninja Suit or the Dojo Igloo.

One Response

  1. so kool!!!!!!!!!! wait so if im not a ninja and if i challenge Sensai tht many times will tht mean i culd be a ninja?!?!?!

    Cool Boy 714 and Chinzstrap say: No, you have to be a Black Belt then do it.

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