New Card-Jitsu Game at the Dojo!

To start this post out I would like to tell how to get the cards. First talk to Sensei at the pillow, if he is not there click on the pillow.


To get a belt, after you get finished talking to Sensei, talk to him again but this time there will be three options.

Competition Mode- Sensei pairs you up to vs each other in the game. This is the mode where you can earn belts! (If you win!)

Sensei Mode- You go against Sensei in the Card-Jitsu game. I suggest you getting the Black Belt first!

Instructions- Retells the instructions.


This is me playing the game. (Bottom)


I am currently a White and Yellow Belt!

Oh and here is the Belt Legend. (Bottom)


If you just want to play the game for fun, click any of the mats on the Dojo floor! (Bottom)


What belt are you? Comment and tell everyone!


5 Responses

  1. well uh purple belt but i cant wear any above the green belt.

  2. hey dudes i am a yellow belt

  3. I have got the black belt! The ninla room is cool when i go in!!!

  4. i am so happy i am blue belt
    only three more to get black

  5. brown belt one more

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