Grand Opening of the Dojo!


As you can see, it is the Grand Opening of the Dojo today!

Anyway, Club Penguin has rapidly been changing lately, they have made a few changes today! Some of the changes that have been made today are:

The Mange Account thing has been changed. Now you can see what server you are on! You can also mute the sound/music.


If you go to the Dojo Courtyard (Top of Dojo. Get to it by the map.) then there is a free item there. It is the Geta Sandels!


Also, every five minutes inside the Dojo, there is a gong that comes out under the place where it says, “Until Gong Show” and when it comes out if you throw snowballs at the gong before it closes back up it will make a “Gong!” sound! (YOU HAVE TO DO THAT FAST!)