Strange Things Happening at the Dojo

There are some weird things happening at the Dojo right now! It looks like an avalance. Well anyway you can get to the Dojo by clicking where it says in the picture. Also look at how much they updated the map!

You can get the Miner’s Helmet at the Dojo. If you dance while you have the Miner’s Helmet on you will drill!

When you go out of the Dojo at the top that room’s name is Dojo Exterior. At the Dojo Exterior there is a penguin and his name is ?????? and he keeps digging. He won’t stop! Anyway, you can not be his friend, send him mail, go to his igloo, or report him. Who do you think he is? Is he a ninja? Can we become ninjas? Why is he here? Will he go away? Can he make us become a ninja? Is he a ninja?

Post a comment guessing what you think will happen!